Free Games

Collection of free games I made over the years (not all listed).

Mini Games

MiniGames Small games, mostly to test various concepts and premises (some are quite playable)

Browser Games (MMO)

Unsupported, left for nostalgia reasons only, some of those still have a small community of players.

Lords (medieval, historical, competitive, strategy)
Europe1300 (realistic, historical, medieval sim)
Samurai & Ninja MMORPG (feudal japan, RPG / simulation)
Moonstone RPG (fantasy, RPG)

PC Games (freeware)

Note: probably will not work on modern machines (uses fixed 800×600 resolution).

QuickQuest Roguelike, Free (I made it decades ago, don’t ask about secrets or anything, I don’t remember) this is a copy of the old website.