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Stellar Monarch version 1.46

Version 1.46 released

This update is about small finetuning or some mechanics, nothing game changing but more like making things go more smoothly, intuitive and logical. Also traditional bug fixes.

– [balance] Cities penalty made more granular (depending on how many cities are missing compared to population, before it was iterated by -10% now by -5% each step).

– [misc] When Parasites go into hibernation they will start to disband ground troops on the planets they abandon. Also they will no longer disband flotillas while those are in combat.
– [misc] Any race invading Parasites world while it’s being abandoned by the Parasites due to hibernation will get instant 100% ground invasion progress.

– [interface] Create Emperor screen now shows a clarification that the traits affects both starting officials as well as officials recruited later.
– [interface][expansion#1] Listed AE pts cost for Satellites and Terraforming in a tooltip. Also listed the number of Satellites launched and number of Terraformed planets in the galaxy.

– [fix] Governors were not prioritizing cities enough in same cases. Now they look directly at the penalty and will try to fix & prevent it.
– [fix] Some rare audience effects applied incorrectly.
– [fix] A very rare bug where stormtroopers were stuck for several turns while invading a planet at the same turn when Parasites went into hibernation and decided to abandon this particular planet (yup, pretty rare).

Games now also available on

Stellar Monarch (including the DLC), Automobile Tycoon, Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown now are available on online store.


Stellar Monarch version 1.45

Version 1.45 released

This update contains several small fixes and improvements. It also introduces two small rules regarding how aliens operate, nothing ground breaking, more like stuff that you would intuitively expect (like can’t launch an offensive from a planet with lost orbit control and additional penalties for civilized races which lost their capital world).

– [feature] If a civilized race loses the homeworld they have a much lower chance for initiating a new military plan (fewer offensives).
– [feature] Primitive races (The Hive, Parasites, etc) will not launch an offensive from a planet where they lost orbit control to (under invasion).

– [interface] Added breakdown of stability penalties sources to the Court screen stability tooltip (it might have been confusing in some cases since there are other sources to stability penalties than court factions unbalance).

– [fix] 1.44 Very Big UI running on 4K – the empire customization page is too large and overflows below the screen, with no way to reach the button to start the game.
– [fix] Disallowed dashes in save filenames input box (since that’s not a valid filename).
– [fix] Embargo and truce was not cleared upon New Game start.
– [fix] A few typos/grammar mistakes on Help page.

Stellar Monarch version 1.44

Version 1.44 released

Technical update, the game was moved to a new version of the engine which for example allows a special 4K Ultra HD UI rescaling. If you experience some problems, please report it. Also you can use a Steam “legacy” branch which contains the old v1.43. There is also one long awaited feature. Steam achievements! Just a few and it’s more of an experimental feature but they are here.

– [feature] New 4K “Very Big UI” Video option (fonts are even bigger now, useful for people with 4K monitors).
– [feature] BIG UI/Very BIG UI reacts to screen size (will autodisable if resolution is too small).

– [misc] Steam Achievements (just a few).
– [misc] Engine upgrade.

– [fix] Rare bug where transdimensional invasion was not starting if you have previously beat invasion in another game before quitting the game (so it triggered only if you beat transdimensional aliens and then encountered them the second time without quitting the game which explains why no one encountered & reported this bug for so long).

Stellar Monarch version 1.43

Version 1.43 released

A big autonomous fleets overhaul. I the last month or so I was brooding over how autonomous fleets should be tweaked to make them more intuitive and efficient. There are two big changes, one in how the offensive fleets process conquest orders and second is the introduction of patrol squadrons which are used by defensive fleets. As usual, all this is explained in tooltips ingame. One more change for the expansion, now you can prioritize planets for Astro Engineers which gives you more control over which planet is going to be terraformed next.

– [feature] Redo of autonomous fleets conquest orders processing. Now fleets can not “reserve” the conquest order but instead the first eligible (which has the target planet within area of responsibility) fleet that is ready will execute the order. So, now multiple fleets can prepare an offensive vs a target planet and the first one that’s ready will execute it. The remaining fleets that targeted that planet will retarget.
– [feature] Added patrol squadrons which are used as a fast reaction/reserve forces for defensive fleets. Those will be sent to newly colonized/conquered planets in order to strengthen the defences till the regular guard squadrons can be properly created and reinforced.
– [feature][expansion#1] Now you can prioritize a planet for Astro Engineers (for all purposes, Terraforming and satellites). A planet that is manually prioritized by the Emperor has a much higher priority on the Astro Engineers task list. The priority AE marker is shown on the starmap (similar to prioritize exploration marker).

– [engine] No more forcing dedicated GFX card if two cards are present (while it fixed wrong configurations on some machines it disallowed use of integrated card if the player wished so which was desired in some situations). Now it reacts to system configuration.

– [interface] New patrol squadrons selector on Fleet/Orders.

– [fix] Incorrect Stormtroopers gain.
– [fix] Game version was sometimes displayed incorrectly after loading an old save.

Stellar Monarch version 1.42.1

Version 1.42.1 released

Another quick update, mostly related to the expansion and spelling fixes.

– [balance][expansion#1] Double AE costs for all Astro Engineers actions (satellites, terraforming, megastructures). Note you can adjust some of those (via Advanced Customization settings) for example if you want to have earlier megastructures.
– [balance][expansion#1] Astro Engineer’s asteroid fields mining is scaled to the number of planets now (more intuitive and balanced).

– [misc][expansion#1] Now Astro Engineer’s asteroid fields mining will be auto enabled even if selected None priority if there are no other valid tasks available (zero waste policy).
– [misc] A lot of spelling fixes.

– [fix][expansion#1] Astro Engineers bug.

Stellar Monarch version 1.42

Version 1.42 released

A quick update based on the early feedback from the expansion players. I tried to improve here the most confusing and unclear things. The base game got small interface improvements as well.

– [interface] Small improvements and beautification of the interface.
– [interface][expansion#1] New technologies option moved to a separate box to make it more clear and visible.
– [interface][expansion#1] Added terraformation table explaining all the terraformation rules (on astro engineers screen).

– [fix][expansion#1] When all megastructure projects are done the event to select a new one still pops up during an audience.

Expansion for Stellar Monarch “The Age of Technology” available 9th December 2019

In a few days the long time ago promised expansion for Stellar Monarch is out. Here is the list of features.

The Age of Technology expansion focuses on technology and science. New optional research mechanics (random technologies, hidden technologies, additional technologies), terraforming mechanic, new alien races, astro engineers, construction of megastructures and a few minor additions.

There is an option to disable the expansion for people who prefer to play without it and an option to enable only some of the features of the expansion, so everyone can customize the gameplay to his/her own taste.

* Research mechanics improved (hidden technologies option, random technologies option, new technologies)
* New asymmetric alien races (Hyberians, Mechatrons, Exotrians) activating at random
* Astro Engineers who can construct megastructures and terraform planets
* Megastructure: Imperial Battlestar (fearsome mobile battle station to stregthen your defences to ensure internal security)
* Megastructure: Homeworld Reconstruction (turn Terra into Megacity planet)
* Megastructure: Subspace Inhibitor (deal with those pesky The Hive once and for all)
* Terraformation mechanic
* Satellites mechanic
* New planet types (Toxic and Steppe)
* New Scientific Glorious Achievement

Stellar Monarch version 1.41

Version 1.41 released

This version contains a lot of rebalancing, an option to bribe pirates and an improved starmap generator. I was continuing to examine the savefiles you sent me, especially then ones at higher difficulty levels and I was trying to find out why it’s too easy at difficulty 9, that’s when I found a kind of “bug” or to be more precise a dubious design decision regarding difficulty calculations made at an early stage of the development. Basically, not all races were scaled to the difficulty (like pirates) and some races were scaled quite gently (like The Hive). After some deliberation I decided to rewrite that part and unify the difficulty calculations for all races. Now all races scale by more or less the same magnitude based on the difficulty. The intended result is that if you play at the Normal difficulty you should not notice much of a difference but when you play at Hard/Insane it should really shake things up. I also added you an option to bribe pirates with an interesting cost formula which scales to time and number of planets so it should be affordable at the beginning but not so at the end. The next change was the starmap generator. There is a subtle change regarding galactic rim. Now there are fewer connections between edge systems and there are no very long connections (which allowed you kind of “fast travel” if you controlled the galactic rim). Now the edges of the galaxy look much more interesting (shape wise) and is better gameplay wise.

– [feature] Bribing pirates option (intelligence screen).
– [feature] Extra difficulty settings for those who still find it too easy even at the highest difficulty. To enable it go to options and enable “Experimental features”, then, when you select difficulty 9 you will see additional options to make it even harder (note it’s totally not recommended, it’s just an extra option for people who know what they are doing).

– [balance] Changed military power formula (for all races). Now they all scale to the selected difficulty level (previously pirates were not scaled, The Hive was only minimally scaled, etc). This greatly changes the balance at difficulties other than normal.
– [balance] Rifts open much earlier at difficulty 7+ (previously at 8+).

– [misc] Changed starmap generator (nicer looking edges, fewer connections at the galactic rim, no long connections on the galactic rim).
– [misc] Transdimensional aliens and all other races which do not use reinforcements mechanic will disband zero units squadrons (a cosmetic change to avoid clutter of empty units in some very rare cases).
– [misc] Small spelling and linguistic improvements.

– [interface] Added warning notice when selecting difficulty 8+ on the new game screen.
– [interface] Small interface improvements.

– [fix] Added fallback to ugly planet names when nice planet names list is exhausted. It fixes a very rare cosmetic planet names bug on huge galaxies.
– [fix] Open rifts (via audience) was not working properly.
– [fix] Trade with self bug fixed (although, for a moment I was considering if that’s a bug or a feature :)).