Stellar Monarch 2: Old Dynasties (expansion #1)

Press kit

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Old Dynasties expansion focuses on noble houses and internal politics of the Empire by introducing new mechanics and events.

There is an option to disable the expansion for people who prefer to play without it, so everyone can customize the gameplay to his/her own taste.

* Vassals – Minor noble houses that are always vassals of a great house. The great houses compete for the vassal contracts.
* Traditions – Each great house has a tradition, the tradition bonus is active if the relations with the house are Cordial or better.
* Renegade houses – Great House can be made Renegade which make them lose all votes in the Council and lose a lot of F.E.D. shares, fiefs, authority and so on. But if too many houses become renegade the people might start losing faith in the whole monarchistic system.
* Star Knights order – An early game guaranteed event which allows you to establish Star Knights, a force loyal to the Empire which can be sent on various missions.
* Duels between nobles – Offended nobles can decide to solve their disagreement via a duel. Such duel can be made with the approval of the Emperor or organized illegally.
* Dissident organizations – Those organizations can activate via events and then increase rebel points generation depending on their power and radicalism level.
* New events – Brand new random events (in addition to Star Knights, Duels and Dissident organizations events) divided into early, mid and late game.
* Other smaller things – Some new projects, perks and other smaller additions.