First things first, I’m an indie developer, sort of like a bedroom coder. I do hire some people but on a freelance basis only. It won’t be your main job, but it can be a nice side income.

So, if you look for a way to enter the industry, I’m not the best person to reach to. I recommend to try bigger studios since they might have various positions open. For the same reason, it won’t make sense for you to contact me if you are a junior, you won’t learn much unless you work next to professionals and I don’t keep an office per se.

Basic requirements (everyone):
Communication is important (except for programmers, I can withstand a lot as long as you deliver a bug free code on time), if you have no time, something pops up, etc, let me know. The earlier the better. In short, deliever what you promised if possible and you can not, let me know ASAP. Just don’t hide your head in the sand. Let me know of potential problems early.

Programmers     (***high demand***)
C++ only and as your primary language of choice (if you focus on Unity and just do C++ as a side thing that won’t do, you will hate it and you will quit). I’m using a custom engine (easy to grasp) and all my games are written in C++. Realistically speaking 3-5 years of experience minimum. You need to communicate fluently in Polish and be on GMT timezone (it’s simply requires a lot of precise communication to make it work otherwise). I’m a programmer myself so I explain things clearly and I understand what can be done and what can not.

Artists     (**average demand**)
I need 2D artists and PixelArtists on a quite regular basis. Basically anyone who can draw (without any of the 3D fluff). Communication in Polish and living in GMT timezone is a plus but not a hard requirement. Send me an email with “[artist]” tag in the email. Please include your approximate hourly rate.

Musicians & Sound Engineers     (very low demand)
Please send me an email and add “[music]” tag in the subject. When I look for musicians (which happens very, very rarely) I just browse my email.

Translators     (*low demand*)
I work with individual translators rather than localization companies (exceptions possible but unlikely). Please send me an email and add “[localization]” tag in the subject. I need EN to XX localization, especially EN to Asian languages are sought after. Please state your per word rate. You might also join our Discord, some translators hang out there.

Writers, Designers     (unknown demand, never hired any)
All text in my games is written in English (it does not matter how good you are in other languages, there is no way I could afford to hire an additional person to translate it to English), you must have an excellent control of it. For writers please list a few writing books you have read (if you have read none and think you have a raw talent and don’t need to read those, please don’t contact me :)), alternatively graduating from a writing class by Ranko Trifković is an acceptable recommendation as well. For designers show me some game maker/RPG maker/mod you made (no matter how shabby and unfinished).

Testers, QA     (no demand)
No budget 🙂 I’m an indie.