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Updated 2023.11.07

* name: Stellar Monarch
* platform: PC
* genre: strategy, 4X, empire builder, grand strategy, turn-based
* theme: space
* players: singleplayer
* early access release (PC): 9 March 2016
* final release (PC): 5 December 2016
* base price: $19.99

* studio: Silver Lemur Games
* designer: Chris Koźmik (Krzysztof Koźmik)
* when the project started: 2014.09.23

Core features:
* you feel like an Emperor, not a logistics officer or a planetary manager (audiences, imperial court, managing imperial officials, rebellions, assassination attempts)
* no micromanagement, an epic scale with hundreds planets under your control yet you are not bogged down by boring micro (and I don’t mean automated AI governors), also late game is not drastically longer than the early game (game not dragging on at late stages)
* asymmetric gameplay, the AI plays by different rules than the player, races are not equal, different starting conditions
* hierarchical fleet, you do not move individual ships around but deal with whole formations

Minor features:
* you do not start in an empty galaxy, most of the galaxy is already colonized
* optional game modes where you start with having like half of the galaxy under your control and then you try to fight off rebels and other “late start” modes
* storyline system (plots to overthrow the Emperor, discovering legends of ancient races, etc)

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