Stellar Monarch 2 version 1.19

Version 1.19 released

This version is one big bug fix. Well, it has one measly interface improvement as well, but other than that, just fixes. Actually, there are many more changes, hidden deep inside, but those are made as a preparation for the upcoming expansion, so more like things that needed to be done but not visible to players at all. In short, the most boring update ever. Move along, nothing to see.

– [interface] Mini house buttons (on the top of the screen) sorted by relations/opinion.

– [fix] Was possible to get diplomatic/infiltration progress towards an extinct race.
– [fix] Was possible for an Admiral to sent negative number of squadrons in some cases.
– [fix] Safeguard against potential memory overflow error.
– [fix] Safeguard against squadron templates with no ships (which could cause negative production). Now at least one ship is guaranteed.
– [fix] Events could include options to add Popular Support to reforms that were already passed. Now all such options only pop up if the reform is not passed yet.
– [fix] Bio Chemical bombs were not destroying defensive installations.
– [fix] All constructions (star bases, etc) upkeep was positive (those added money instead of deducting).
– [fix] One of the previous versions broke budget changes counter, fixed.
– [fix] Turns to research could have been displayed as negative (if there was an abundance of research points).
– [fix] Replacing leaders of the house (rebels punishment option) made the head of the house broken (banquet, phantom person on planets display, etc). In addition to the fix, old saves will have this auto corrected on load.
– [fix] Offensive squadrons were not converted to defensive squadrons upon planet conquest in some cases.
– [fix] When automatic queue of technologies option was used the highest unlocked tech level was not updated (and therefore sometimes too low).
– [fix] Various spelling mistakes.

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