Legends of Amberland II version 1.21

Version 1.21 released

This version introduces an official translation to several languages. Now the game can be played in English, German, French and Polish. In future more languages could be added (and it’s like almost guaranteed judging from my past experiences with localization). Next, some balance tweaks were done and one location was altered (added Ancient Evil Aura). Some of those adjustments affect new games only and some old ones as well (now the save remembers at which rules the game was started and tries to aim for consistency of gameplay within same gameplay campaign). Some traditional fixes are there as well.

I would like to thank here all translators and myriads of other helpers who, over the years, helped me to improve the quality of the Amberland series. Many thanks! You are truly the most devoted fans!

– [misc] Localized to German, French and Polish.
– [misc] Introduced rulesets which are tied to save files. Basically, when a rebalance which would not work well with old saves (side effects or plain too heavy changes) is introduced those changes affects new saves only and the existing saves will work under the old rules assuring consistency. The active ruleset is listed on Quick Menu, next to difficulty level. If there is a need, I might add an option to manually convert the save to another (newest) ruleset in future.

– [balance] Normal difficulty was rebalanced, now monsters deal more damage (affects new saves only, ruleset: #121).
– [balance] Formula for experience required to level up made a bit more steep (all difficulty levels), at 20/30/40/50 thresholds. It slows down access to the highest levels, in practice it’s a difference of around -5 levels in the late game (affects new saves only, ruleset: #121).
– [balance] Added “Ancient Evil Aura” to Dungeon of Doom, adjusted plaque and description of that location.
– [balance] Battlesmith MP per level x2 (instead of x1), Max Encumbrance increased drastically (to Enc 50, which makes this class the highest encumbrance class in the game). Now also starts with Blacksmith’s Heavy Forge Armor which is similar to Heavy Forge Armor (which would be actually usable by this character due to extreme Enc).

– [interface] Wider “+” button for increasing stats. Should make it more convenient to play on Steam Deck.

– [fix] Boats/Ships related texts were not included in the translation file (and therefore not translated).

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