Stellar Monarch version 1.47.2

Version 1.47.2 released

Several small fixes to very rare bugs and glitches you probably never encountered anyway. Also one funny bug I encountered when coding Stellar Monarch 2, the last defined civilzed race was never put into the random generator and therefore it never had a chance to appear in the game. So, as a side effect of fixing the bug, you got 2 new civilized races (one minor and one major) you never seen before.

– [spelling] In one place there was “External Affairs department” instead of “Foreign Affairs Department”.

– [fix] Banners on main menu obstructing other buttons on very low resolutions.
– [fix] Potential tiny, very rare and never reported bug with diplomacy not cleared properly on new game (not even sure if it’s a bug, just spotted this vulnerability in the Stellar Monarch 2 code so I patched it for the prequel as well just to be sure). Unlikely you even encountered it.
– [fix] Due to a bug in new game races selection routine the last minor and last major race were never included in the randomizer. Therefore with this fix, you kind of got 2 more civilized races that could appear (this fix was brought to you by Stellar Monarch 2 code revision since it was never reported).