Stellar Monarch version 1.15

Version 1.15 released

Two major features in this version. First the ability to set maximum allowed tonnage of a fleet which will helps you not go bankrupt if automated fleets start spawning additional squadrons. Second, the long awaited unique ships for major races! In this version Monarchy and Confederacy got those, remaining major races will get those in v1.16. Also the widely requested sorting and filtering of planets list.

– [feature] Optional max total tonnage of fleet (on Fleet/Shipyard screen), allows you to better control fleet upkeep costs.
– [feature] All major races got unique planetary defences.
– [feature] Monarchy and Confederacy got unique ships (in future version all major races will have unique units).

– [interface] Added list of strategic weapons to Empire/Summary.
– [interface] Added “Imperial frontier” filter on planets list screen which allows you to filter all planets on both sides of the imperial border (frontier imperial planets and neighbour planets) which can be useful for conquest, colonization, etc.
– [interface] Sorting of planets on planets list screen (by population, rare resources, specialization, loyalty, etc).
– [interface] Notice on a planet screen saying which fleet is preparing a conquest of this planet (if any).

– [fix] Fixed placement of sectors direction buttons on Fleet/Orders screen.