You can wishlist Stellar Monarch 2 now!

The day has come, the Steam page for Stellar Monarch 2 has been set up. You can Wishlist the game now!

The game is a sequel to Stellar Monarch and the core premise is you are the emperor and do stuff from the heights of your imperial throne. In short, instead of building farms or factories on planets you deal with the court, imperial officials, noble houses, assassins, admirals, etc.

The game will undergo a traditional development cycle of mine. If you participated in the early days of my other project you should know what to expect, it will be handled quite similarly. First an early access with me being quite active on the steam forums fishing for ideas, feedback, comments. Then release and afterwards quite a long period of smaller improvements and of course fixes as needed. Maybe an expansion or two later (much later, also no promises here, my focus is on making the base game fully playable and finished and only after it’s done I would be thinking what’s next).

The game is scheduled to enter Early Access somewhere in 2021.

The primary means of communication will be via Steam Forums Discussion or our Discord.