Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.62

Version 0.62 released

This is most likely the last version of the v6x branch. It has several interesting features. First, fiefs are finally implemented. I have decided to do a thing I rarely do and I implemented it with the primary goal of adding to the mood to the game rather than as a hard mechanic. Of course fiefs have a gameplay purpose but for this alone I could just replace those with numbers. Still, I felt (also evaluating your feedback on the forums) that such a feature makes sense with the overall premise of the game. Most likely it will be fine-tuned further (like there is no difference which world a house has a fief on) but overall it’s a first working model of the fiefs system. Next was Centralization, which was moved from experimental to regular features and altered a bit. Coincidentally, when I was sitting and coding it suddenly occurred to me it could be tied also to reforms which worked out very well. Now reforms also provide Centralization, which is quite logical and intuitive and simple. When Amendments to the Great Imperial Charters are implemented it would be a well rounded feature. Oh yes, Centralization also triggers certain audience events, especially the Modern Aristocracy one is quite fun since it let you remodel feudal society to aristocratic society where nobles care more about their position in the imperial palace that about their feudal fiefs. The last thing is introduction of an option to review imperial officials (for now an experimental feature so it’s disabled by default, but it’s quite complete so you can try it safely), which is more in the likes of the dynamics of the prequel where you got those audience events that let you deal with various officials in bulk. Now you can do it by your own choice without waiting for an event, but for a price of course. Overall, this version has several features which solve several problems in the game, are intuitive, fit well with the rest of the game and do not introduce extra complexity which is a thing that always makes me quite happy as a designer.

– [feature] Centralization moved from experimental to regular features. Now it is also affected by reforms and it has 2 additional effects (triggers powerful events after reaching a certain centralization threshold). Note that The Great Imperial Charter Amendments, which are a major source of Centralization, are not implemented yet, but the reforms alone can still make you reach the threshold to trigger all events (so, in the final version it will be basically easier to reach it, but the mechanic will be the same).
– [feature] Fiefs implemented (at a basic yet functional level). Those are handled automatically according to the Great Imperial Charter regulations but you can grant other houses extra fiefs.
– [feature] Summoning the head of a house (the noble can be summoned from the house screen) now allows you to grant/revoke fiefs. Granting a fief can earn you favors with noble houses, but revoking a fief is a more costly matter.
– [feature] Experimental feature (needs to be enable via gameplay options), to let you review (dismiss incompetent, etc) officials by your own request (without waiting for an event). It’s done via a new button on audience screen (next to banquet button) ant it basically let you pay and you get appropriate “Review” event during the nearest audience.

– [remove] Removed unused Claim to the Imperial Throne.

– [misc] Each implemented reform grants +1 Centralization (in addition to the usual effects).
– [misc] -1 Stability penalty per each lost core world (the penalty is lifted when the core world is retaken).
– [misc] Fiefs now provide authority bonus (similar to monarchism bonus).

– [balance] Negative treasury now causes fixed -1 Stability per turn (instead of progressively more depending on how long the treasury stayed negative). This is a sufficient deterrent already.
– [balance] Monarchism bonus from fiefs reduced but increases fiefs cap.

– [content] Duties of the Modern Aristocracy perk events (active after you selected the default option during Modern Aristocracy event which is triggered after reaching a certain Centralization threshold).

– [interface] House screen tooltips improved (more details, more flavor text, etc). Especially fiefs tooltip improved, now it shows guaranteed share of fiefs according to the Great Imperial Charter and extra fiefs (if granted by the Emperor).
– [interface] Tooltip for ‘Make Core’ button shows more details regarding fiefs and lists the penalty of losing a core world.

– [fix] Bug where courtiers supporting warlords tradition house were getting competence boost (should be for officers only).

Compatibility note: NO CHANGE, this version works with v0.60+ savefiles (note that each time a savefile compatibility is broken a new Beta branch with the old version is created so you can always finish your game in progress).