Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.75

Version 0.75 released

This version focuses on noble houses. Finally the long due heraldic bureau was designed and implemented (turned out to be quite simple, useful and straightforward, which I like a lot). Houses spying system redone and finished (now it’s spymaster centric). Removed house servants and added multiple new options to various nobles (rank dependent). Oh yes, also added house estates, a tiny feature that fits the game mood and other mechanics quite well. Note that due to the amount of changes the houses relations/opinion balance might be quite unbalanced in this version.

– [feature] Spymaster audience event with reports about houses spying actions (which replaced individual spies among house servants). Also, houses chance of being spied on is affected by relations (low relations houses being more likely to have a spymaster event generated), so you will tend to gather more secrets of houses that are unfriendly to you.
– [feature] Heraldic Bureau which issues honorary titles which you can grant to minor nobles for opinion, authority and monarchism boost.
– [feature] Grudges of noble houses mechanic (opinion penalty and relations cap).
– [feature] Political agendas of noble houses mechanic (houses now can have their own wants, goals and desires which can heavily affect opinion and relations).
– [feature] Estates of noble houses which increase authority. Royal house estate can be upgraded by interacting with the Emperor’s chat options. Non player houses auto upgrade their estate if the have ample funds.
– [feature] Emperor options (on house screen): House estate upgrade and extraordinary effort (can be called 3 times per game, boost Emperor’s Focus points).
– [feature] Royal spouse options (on house screen): making the Emperor rest properly and option to change administrative points into emperor focus points.
– [feature] Additional Head of the house options (on house screen): start official investigation (summoned to answer about secrets).
– [feature] Spouse of the house head options (on house screen) aimed at removing grudges and turning secrets to favors.
– [feature] Minor noble option (on house screen): “Find scandalous materials” to gain secrets, can be done once per noble.

– [remove] Removed house servants. At first I was thinking of removing them temporarily till I figure out how they should exactly work, but when I saw how much better the spymaster centric house spy events were compared to previous individual spies and how much more clear the houses screen became I concluded it will be most likely a permanent removal.

– [misc] Monarchism now also provide direct opinion bonus.
– [misc] Non player noble houses waste a bit of money each turn on luxuries.

– [content] New audience events related to nobles (aimed to add/remove grudges and overall make managing opinion of nobles harder).

– [interface] Authority & Monarchism tooltips list all effects which those provide (votes & squadrons, stability & opinion).
– [interface] Cleanup of various house related tooltips.

– [fix] Uniforms of some noble houses were incorrect color.

Compatibility note: NO CHANGE, this version works with v0.74+ savefiles (note that each time a savefile compatibility is broken a new Beta branch with the old version is created so you can always finish your game in progress).