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Automobile Tycoon Early Access

Automobile Tycoon was released as Early Access today.

Version 0.10 (Early Alpha)
– crude, barebone,stable, partially playable version
– unbalanced
– several features are missing or unfinished

Early Access plan
In the following months I will be working on the game to finish the missing features, polish it and so on. Early Access will be divided into two parts:
ALPHA – where I will be focusing on features
BETA – where I will be focusing on playability and polish

If you desire just to play it I recommend to wait till Beta. If on the other hand you are an adventurous soul and want to see how it unfolds and help to shape the game you can start right away and embark the Alpha journey 🙂

Automobile Tycoon Early Access starts September 2017!

A day ago I have finished a version that is kind of playable 🙂 Unbalanced, many features missing but overall you can play it if you really desperate. So, I’m ready to start Early Access this month.

Steam Early Access will start September 2017.
Link: Steam Early Access

Important things regarding Early Access:
– I tend to launch EA of my games earlier in development than others so I can get player’s feedback earlier, therefore do not expect a fully playable game at the start.
– It’s recommend to wait till Beta if you want to play it, during Alpha it’s recommended for adventurous spirits who love to see how the game unfolds and wish to have some input on how the game evolves.

A new game, Automobile Tycoon, coming soon!

I have been working on Automobile Tycoon, a car industry simulator for PC for a while. Today it was set a “Coming soon” on Steam. It will be out somewhere this year.

It’s a turn based company simulator, streamlined and with a goal to reduce tedious things (like distribution) in favour of exciting things (strategy). Also it’s a tycoon game, with focus on you being the manager of a company, not a car engineer.

Here is the link (Steam): Automobile Tycoon on Steam