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Stellar Monarch version 1.06

Version 1.06 released

In this version I wanted to remove every single reported bug, no matter how minor. Also I finished several small interface improvements that were being put off as minor. In short, primarily it’s a version that improves many small quirks and annoyances.
Another adjustment was balance. Several things were changed in order to make early game easier and late game harder.

– [balance] Increased starting planetary infrastructure (industrial facilities).
– [balance] Reduced prestige required for glorious achievements, decreased prestige gain from beating transdimensional aliens.
– [balance] Doubled ship maintenance points from planets, halved ship maintenance points from factories.
– [balance] After turn 100 major races have a recurring chance for an extra strong attack (in the next version they will get more options like that, so expect major races to become stronger in future).

– [interface] Save game sorting by date, also beautified load/save screen.
– [interface] New ships images (auto recoloured according to owner).
– [interface] New image on create new game (cloning).
– [interface] Squadron details screen improved (removed list of individual ships, beautified, etc).

– [misc] Extended context help (fleet/shipyard added ships abilities, etc).

– [fix] Help pages scrolling bug.
– [fix] Occassional blank technology (require a new game).
– [fix] Other small fixes.

Stellar Monarch version 1.05

Version 1.05 released

This version brings you several important fixes (BTW, thanks for all players who report those, it’s a great help!) some interface improvements and the highly requested Hall of Fame feature.

– [feature] Hall of Fame (persistent high score).

– [balance] No court moves allowed during the audience turn (to prevent switching courtiers during the “fire department X” event).

– [interface] New graphics for ships.
– [interface] Added a marker who was appointed last turn to the court (for convenience).
– [interface] Audience mini info on alien ambassador event (shows number of planets and if it’s a minor or a major race).
– [interface] No more research not queued report when a field of science is completed (all researched).

– [fix] Numerous fixes (prestige bug, audience removing department courtiers bug, diplomacy relations bug, interface fixes).

Stellar Monarch version 1.04

Version 1.04 released

The last version this year. Fixes some old bugs and gives you an option to rescale UI (experimental feature) which was requested by people with high resolution monitors who prefer to play on native resolution. Also polish of interface.

– [feature] Experimental feature. Option for UI scaling by 140% (for high resolution monitors). It’s crude and might contain some glitches and it rescale everything (a bit blurry but not too much). To enable first enable experimental features (options) then go to Options/Video and mark rescale UI option (the selection is not saved, you need to mark it each time you run the game; if something fails just run the game again and it will run in a default nonscaled mode).
– [feature] Small changes in audience events (redone some misleading ones).

– [change] Changed edicts that affected rebel points directly (it was too misleading and redundant, instead you should affect planets loyalty and security rating). Now Loyalism edict affects planet’s loyalty and Counter insurgency edict was changed to Palace guard edict which increases imperial guards.

– [interface] Research completed report contains detailed information about the researched technology, next queued technology and a button to directly go to that field of science screen.
– [interface] more information on Chancellor button tooltip (Imperial Guards and Food Testers).

– [fix] Fixed the infamous HIGH DPI bug (now you don’t need to set it manually via compatibility tab).
– [fix] Fixed a bug with races cancelling a truce when it was already cancelled.
– [fix] Many small interface related fixes.

Stellar Monarch version 1.03

Version 1.03 released

Balancing version. The goal was to make early game easier and late game harder. I tried to not go overboard with changes and it’s the first balancing version and there is more to come. So, some changes might be too small, we will test it 🙂

In short, civilized races are more aggressive also they become more aggressive over time and they become desperate if they lose too many planets. Ships cost got halved. Research slowed down.

– [balance] Civilized races attacks redone. Now they have regular and emergency offensive reserves. Emergency reserves are used only when the government of that race decides the situation is grim enough (imperial intelligence will notify you about this).
– [balance] Frequency of civilized races attacks adjusted (more aggressive).
– [balance] Over time civilized races attacks more often (after turn 100 and 300).
– [balance] Halved cost of ships (since overall difficulty was increased this should help you greatly survive the early stage of the game).
– [balance] Slower research, especially at later stages of the game; research points from planet +0.5 per planet, maximum +100 (previously +1.00 and no cap); research points from population +0.25 per 1,000 Terran pops (previously +1.00).

– [interface] Research screen Statistics button which shows bonuses from technologies and other sources (previously an experimental feature).
– [interface] Autonomous fleets Orders screen shows you a notice if you have not selected a border to guard (so the fleet is idle).
– [interface] Industry screen explained better (which industry produces what). Also planetary Administration screen explains those better.

– [fix] Small fixes (orbiting NoName planet replaced with in warp).

Stellar Monarch version 1.02

Version 1.02 released

A boring update containing mostly fixes 🙂 There is also an autosave feature which somehow I overlooked in previous versions 🙂

– [fix] The Hive negative ships.
– [fix] Fighter technology not working.
– [fix] Ships in battle displayed improperly when many ship types.
– [fix] Typos, etc.

– [feature] Autosave (every 5 turns, chan be changed via options).

– [interface] Experimental feature (need to be enabled via options) on research screen which shows some techs stats (very crude, not recommended, later there will be some polished version of it available by default).
– [interface] Battle buttons darked when inactive and improved units display.

Stellar Monarch version 1.01

Version 1.01 released

It’s a small update containing several fixes and improvements, mostly interface related. This version is also preparing for a proper Hall of Fame which was requested by many players and should be implemented soon; in this version I cleaned up score and made it more logical and prominent.

Also, the game was renamed to Stellar Monarch 🙂 The thing is I do not play mobile games I didn’t realize “Pocket” was connected with those 🙂 Besides… when I started I planned it to be a small game, so the word Pocket was a reasonable one, but in the meantime the game have grown and turned into a complex beast. Anyway, the new name conveys what the game is about better in my opinion.
– [feature] Score multiplied by the difficulty (preparing for a proper Hall of Fame which should be implemented in the next version).
– [feature] Sociologist perk disabled for game modes where you start with some technologies researched (since it makes no sense there)
– [feature] Imperial projects grant one time +10 prestige.

– [balance] Score calculations adjusted (focuses around prestige primarily).

– [interface] Top bar icons adjusted (happiness shows an exact number, added rebel readiness icon, food moved to industry).
– [interface] Score on Empire/Victory screen.
– [interface] Fixed typos, renamed some things, removed some misleading racial descriptions.

– [fix] Various fixes.

Stellar Monarch version 1.00

Version 1.00 released

And here it is, the official release version of Pocket Space Empire. It’s not the last version, there will be updates and polish and rebalancing and of course fixes if needed. But the game is now officially feature complete. From now on I will focus on improving the existing features and the interface without introducing completely new stuff, especially those that could break the gameplay.

What can you expect in the future versions? First of all balance, I think the game will require additional balancing, it would be easier now once more people play it an provide feedback. Audience events for sure, a few more eras, maybe some new technologies. If feasible maybe a new alien race as well.

Thanks to all people from the Early Access community for the ongoing feedback, it was much easier to work while knowing someone will provide feedback!
– [feature] Finished storyline ‘Conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor’.
– [feature] Most assassin events are triggered by the ‘Conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor’ storyline, those will end when you complete the storyline. There are also standard random assassinations but on a much lower volume.
– [feature] More imperial projects. Projects cost increases depending on number of projects you completed. Improved randomization of available projects (better replayability).

– [interface] New nebula graphics
– [interface] Several smaller graphics improved (resources, ruins, etc).

– [interface] Removed some outdated descriptions, extended some tooltips.
– [interface] Assassination audience event has a separate category not a generic event anymore.

– [fix] Various small fixes.

– [misc] Data structure changed (easier for future improvements, since from now on I will care about saves compatibility greatly).
– [misc] More audience effects and more tech effects (useful for future updates).

Stellar Monarch – Core Design Goals

1) Feel like the Emperor, not like a logistics officer

I find it annoying that, while I have played so many strategies, I never felt like a real Emperor, sure there are cool decisions to make and everything but… Where are audiences? As an Emperor I surely should grant audiences! Where are the assassination attempts (does everyone love me?), where are the true rebels that want to overthrow me (not just people who rebel because they are unhappy and starving, I mean real rebels, usurpers to the throne and other scum I should crush). Why can’t I appoint governors and admirals (and I don’t mean “having mere 4 heroes that can be governors/admirals”, I mean selecting governors for *each* planet and commanders for *each* military formation). Instead I’m presented with choices like “what building to construct on planet X”…

My first goal is to “fix” these.

2) Fast paced, no micromanagement yet an epic scale

I know many people would disagree, I guess it is a personal feeling, but I HATE micromanagement And no, I don’t find “automated AI governors” a viable solution. Also I don’t want to limit the game to a dozen of planets.

So, I’m making a game where you are the Emperor of hundreds of planets (during testing I always start with 50 planets to get the feel of the bigger empire) and yet the game does not drag on. I made some controversial choices to achieve this, like you can’t build any infrastructure on planets directly (with minor exceptions), also you can’t move around individual ships (you operate with formations: fleets and squadrons).

3) Asymmetric gameplay, truly alien aliens and challenging non cheating AI

Some titles with asymmetric gameplay first (inspiration): Andean Abyss, AI War: Fleet Command, Pandemic, Middle Earth Quest, Fury of the Dracula (most of these are board games)

I don’t intend the AI and aliens to simulate the human player. Aliens are aliens. They have different goals, they do not “play the game” nor try to “prevent the player from winning”. They just live in the galaxy and do their stuff (which frequently is an obstacle to the player, but not always). They also play by different rules (Parasites hibernate most of the time on their homeworld and once in a while weak up and infest the galaxy, the Hive is controlled by local Overminds and the death of those can render nearby units mindless & super weak). And so on, so on (think of these aliens more like of “forces of nature that prevents you to establish the galactic Empire”. Note: you don’t need to wipe out the whole galaxy to win the game.

There will be also some special scenarios, for example one where you start with 200-300 planets and try to crush the rebellion.