I’m working on the first expansion for Stellar Monarch

A long, long time ago I promised that one day I will make an expansion for Stellar Monarch. This day is near, in a few days I’m starting to work on it.

Actually, I have it like half done already since between releasing new versions of the base game I was testing various concepts. I plan to release it somewhere this year.

* name of the expansion: Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology
* planned release date: December 2019

Stellar Monarch is a grand strategy 4X where you are the emperor not a logistics officer. It focuses on the grand scale of things with no micromanagement. There are rebels, assassins, court factions, disloyal admirals. In addition to traditional 4X mechanics you also deal with internal affairs of the empire.

The expansion Stellar Monarch: The Age of Technology focuses on technology and science. It will have an improved research mechanic (optional random and hidden technologies, additional technologies, etc), terraforming mechanic, new alien races and an option to construct a fearsome mobile star fortress. Possibly other minor things will be added as well.
What exactly will be in the expansion is determined also by the final tests, so some of the planned features might be removed in the final version if those prove to be not fun during tests.

There will be also an option to disable the expansion for people who prefer to play without it and most likely an option to enable only some of the features of the expansion, so everyone can customize the gameplay to his/her own taste, especially for the most game changing features.

1) Research mechanic improved (hidden technologies option, random technologies option, additional/alternative technologies)
2) Terraformation mechanic
3) Ability to construct Star Fortress, a fearsome mobile station
4) New alien races (probably around 3 new races)
5) Smaller features (new planet type, maybe a new Scientific Glorious Achievement, etc)