Stellar Monarch version 1.00

Version 1.00 released

And here it is, the official release version of Pocket Space Empire. It’s not the last version, there will be updates and polish and rebalancing and of course fixes if needed. But the game is now officially feature complete. From now on I will focus on improving the existing features and the interface without introducing completely new stuff, especially those that could break the gameplay.

What can you expect in the future versions? First of all balance, I think the game will require additional balancing, it would be easier now once more people play it an provide feedback. Audience events for sure, a few more eras, maybe some new technologies. If feasible maybe a new alien race as well.

Thanks to all people from the Early Access community for the ongoing feedback, it was much easier to work while knowing someone will provide feedback!
– [feature] Finished storyline ‘Conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor’.
– [feature] Most assassin events are triggered by the ‘Conspiracy to overthrow the Emperor’ storyline, those will end when you complete the storyline. There are also standard random assassinations but on a much lower volume.
– [feature] More imperial projects. Projects cost increases depending on number of projects you completed. Improved randomization of available projects (better replayability).

– [interface] New nebula graphics
– [interface] Several smaller graphics improved (resources, ruins, etc).

– [interface] Removed some outdated descriptions, extended some tooltips.
– [interface] Assassination audience event has a separate category not a generic event anymore.

– [fix] Various small fixes.

– [misc] Data structure changed (easier for future improvements, since from now on I will care about saves compatibility greatly).
– [misc] More audience effects and more tech effects (useful for future updates).