Stellar Monarch version 1.09

Version 1.09 released

Our imperial astronomers made a great discovery, they found out that each planet is orbiting around a small star which they call a “sun”! Sometimes, there is also a smaller body orbiting a planet which they refer to as a “moon”. Some say the reason they found out about those so late is because they never go out from their cozy labs and that they focus mostly on filling papers to get the imperial grants instead of science. The Department of Treasury proposes a reform, to cut down astronomers funding unless they actually look at the sky. There is a strong opposition to this proposal.

So, in this version I focused on astronavigation. Added suns and moons and the long awaited rename planet feature. There is also a new map mode “astronavigation” and several other improvements.

– [feature] Suns and moons implemented. Those have various effects (check a tooltip as usual).
– [feature] Rename planets feature.

– [balance] The Hive overminds do not spawn on heavily radiated planets.
– [balance] Adjusted number of civilized races for game mode #2.
– [balance] More diverse pirates attack power (overall pirates became weaker but sometimes they send much stronger forces).

– [misc] More lore entries added (Help/Lore section) “History of the Empire” and “Astronavigation of the Empire”.

– [interface] Industry screen simplified and made more clear.
– [interface] Diplomatic stance renamed to aggressiveness (it reflects much better what this variable means).
– [interface] Hall of Fame includes a difficulty level, ‘custom’ (when advanced customization was used) also added tooltips to highscore with possibly exgtra info (like game version of the save).
– [interface] Improved shipyard screen (less confusing).
– [interface] Improved intelligence screen.

– [fix] Incorrect squadron names for autonomous fleets.
– [fix] Fixed main menu How to Play scrolling bug.
– [fix] Occasional context help not working on the first tab.