Stellar Monarch version 1.10

Version 1.10 released

So, we have reached version 1.10, I wanted to make something special for this one and decided to tackle the long requested feature which is autonomous fleets attacking. There was a debate how it should work (player’s control especially) and I went for a half automated approach. Basically, the player tells which planets want to be conquered (in some cases admirals can make this decision too, but only in same case and when explicitly authorized to do so) and the admiral tries to carry out the orders. For now it’s classified as an experimental feature so you won’t see it unless you have experimental features enabled, I hope to move it to regular features in the next version.
Another interesting feature is selecting of type of the Empire upon game start. You can start as a Young Empire or as an Old Empire. I wanted this to more deeply affect the game, not just by making boring “+X to something” but by making something that affects the way the game is played. So, the old Empire is corrupted and stable, you have an option to bribe courtiers, young Empire is vigorous and flexible with more power directly in the Emperor’s hands.
There are also several other improvements, the usual interface upgrade and bug fixes. Also more customization options and rebalance.

– [feature] Upon new game you can select a Young or an Old Empire which alters game rules. For example under Old Empire you can bribe a courtier to change faction and on Young Empire you have doubled political points.
– [feature] An experimental feature (available only if you enabled experimental features via options), autonomous fleets offensives. You can authorize autonomous fleets to not only defend by also conquer planets. They will conquer only planets you marked for conquest (there is a new “Issue conquest order” button on planet screen) and those lost of aliens (only if you explicitly allowed admirals to do so). You have all the options to control those on Fleet/Order tab (only if enabled experimental features). Note that this feature was only partially tested and it’s prone to bugs and unexpected behaviour (although, overall it should work) so it’s recommended for adventureous players only. If you notice any problems, make sure to post on our Steam group!
– [feature] Advanced customization option which allows adjustment of storylines pace.

– [balance] Storylines progress faster.
– [balance] Significantly reduced number of genetic pool points.
– [balance] Inspiring leader trait cost lowered.

– [interface] Improved fleet screen (fleet selector buttons show which fleet is autonomous, which sector the fleet covers, etc).
– [interface] Slightly improved courtiers screen (cancel all political actions button is now separated from the individual courtier’s options).
– [interface] Removed redundant minerals count on shipyard screen (it’s on the top bar already, besides this information is not really needed for making decisions on the shipyard screen and it was a bit misleading that it relates to selected fleet).
– [interface] Industry screen shows relative priority bar (this should make more obvious how changing industrial priorities work).

– [fix] Corrected a few typos.
– [fix] Fixed faction unbalance displayed incorrectly on the first turn.
– [fix] Fixed blue star bonus bug.
– [fix] Fixed chancellor button bug.