Stellar Monarch version 1.13

Version 1.13 released

This version focuses on age of characters. Age was rebalanced and additional features to adjust and examine those were introduced. Also autonomous fleets algorithms were improved. In addition, by popular request, an option to copy composition of fleets!

– [feature] Advanced Customization option to adjust average expected lifespan of characters.
– [feature] Option to clone the fleet composition from another fleet (Fleet/Shipyard/Clone).
– [feature] Autonomous fleets algorithm improved, checks each turn if the conquest order is still valid. Also prioritization of orders improved to take into account distance from Terra.

– [balance] Average lifespan of characters increased to 200 turns.
– [balance] Patrol squadrons less chaotic (maximum one reaction per planet). Note that patrol squadrons is an experimental feature which can be enabled via options.

– [interface] Tooltip to display character’s age and average expected lifespan.
– [interface] Chancellor (Empire/Audience/Chancellor) lets you see what genetic perks for the Emperor you have chosen upon the game start.
– [interface] Intelligence threat tooltip improved to include tension modifier for Era of Coalition.

– [fix] Rare bug where the next audience marker was not cleared upon new game start.
– [fix] Report that a squadron has arrived had no “find” planet button (it was there previously but it was broken by one of the updates), fixed now.