Legends of Amberland version 0.22

Version 0.22 released

This version introduces first customization options, things that would allow to adjust the game to your personal playstyle. For example you can enable fog on the minimap, start with fewer characters than 7 (which is not recommended) or adjust combat/animation speed. Griffin rules were adjusted to prevent abuse. The last big change was balance, it was changed a lot, based on the feedback I collected from early access players, which was basically that the game is too easy. If after the changes it turns out to be too hard, we can revert some of those in future versions. Of course eventually there will be Hard difficulty option so players with different skill levels can enjoy the game.

– [feature] After Griffin landing monsters get a turn.
– [feature] Can’t call a Griffin if monster within 3 tiles.
– [feature] Option “Unrestricted Party Creation” (no restriction during party creation, can start with any number of party members).
– [feature] Option / Controls (Combat speed) to adjust the combat speed.
– [feature] Option / Controls (Animation speed) to adjust the animation speed.

– [balance] Gold income from monsters and chests halved, increased shop prices.
– [balance] Increased MP costs for magic.
– [balance] Offensive spells made weaker (at higher mastery levels).
– [balance] Characters have lower HP/MP numbers now.
– [balance] Monsters base initiative +1 (they act earlier during the combat now).
– [balance] Monsters deal bigger damage (especially high level ones).
– [balance] Monsters have higher HP (especially high level ones).
– [balance] All kinds of trolls now have an additional attack type which targets all characters (but that attack deals lower damage).

– [interface] Option to enable fog on overworld minimap.
– [interface] Minimap displays unvisited locations as “???” instead of location names (like on the main map).
– [interface] Dungeon map fully fogged when outside of boundaries (to avoid confusion of existence of some hidden passage).

– [fix] After Griffin landing the tile is executed now (prevent Griffin teleport abuse, properly deal lava damage).
– [fix] Bug in the main storyline.
– [fix] Removed 0/0 invisible monsters from the overworld map (leftovers from the older map format used during alpha).
– [fix] Combat initiative not reset upon reload/new game.
– [fix] Starting characters sometimes had not fully restored HP/MP (attributes bonuses were not applied immediately).