Legends of Amberland version 0.23

Version 0.23 released

In this version I focused on selling items, experimented with new racial classes and made a bunch of fixes and small improvements. Now you can sell items you don’t need and what’s more important, you can buy them back if you decide you actually need them. In addition you have an option to deposit unneeded items in any inn which basically let’s you deal with unneeded items in two ways. I was also implementing new racial classes, the idea is each race would have two special classes available for them only (except half elves who share those with humans and elves). The racial classes are at the moment disabled since only some of them work, still you can check those. The last thing is a quick linguistic QA pass, so probably around 90% of spelling and grammar errors were fixed in this version. Therefore, from now on I’m starting to accept spelling error reports.

– [feature] Can sell items to the shop and buy them back (for a small fee).
– [feature] Deposit items in the inn (in a magic chest, accessible from any inn).

– [misc] Healer’s restoration spell makes the target weakened (just like the ability), which is more consistent and logical.
– [misc] Time runs slower when exploring indoors and during combat (it’s more realistic now).
– [misc] Improved magic door’s description.
– [misc] The first pass of linguistic QA finished, from now on I’m accepting spelling mistakes reports.
– [misc] You can now see unfinished racial classes on new game screen, all of them are disabled in this version.

– [design] Ogre Fort: Ghar – inaccessible grates fixed.

– [interface] Shops display the number of master craftsmen rescued (which affect the availability of items).

– [fix] Incorrect end game statistics (monsters killed, gold looted, etc).
– [fix] Yet another Girdle of Carrying bug.
– [fix] One potentially serious memory bug fixed.
– [fix] Paralyzed characters able to train.
– [fix] Elven healer cleanse removes weakened status but actual attributes were not restored.