Legends of Amberland version 0.24

Version 0.24 released

This version introduces racial classes. Each race, except half elves which share it with humans and elves, have 2 unique classes available to this race only. Humans have Champion and Troubadour, elves Mage Knight and Sage, dwarves Troll Slayer and Battlesmith. So, effectively now you have 6 basic classes and 6 racial classes to choose from, 12 total.

– [feature] Added 6 racial classes (Champion, Troubadour, Mage Knight, Sage, Troll Slayer, Battlesmith).
– [feature] New spells (for Battlesmith).

– [balance] Spells slightly rebalanced.

– [misc] Removed Ranger’s antidote spell, overall I plan to remove from Ranger all healing and cure poison abilities, so Detoxicate ability will be replaced in future versions as well.
– [misc] Dwarves can be wizards and healers from now on. I think the new racial classes are sufficient to convey the different nature of dwarves magic (especially the Battlesmith) and some basic classes disable would look weird with the new classes screen setup.
– [misc] Renamed Bard’s inspiration/Heroic Ballad.
– [misc] Quick start option makes all party members start with redistributed attribute points.

– [interface] Sighly improved equipment display.
– [interface] Clicking again on right menu button closes it (useful since some players tend to click multiple times on buttons during combat with weak enemies, so now to correct the misclick they need to click it once more).

– [fix] Removed invisible enemies in Frost Labyrinth (leftovers from the old map editor format).
– [fix] Changing spell during combat after selecting a spell that require targeting party member was not clearing the previously selected spell.
– [fix] Fixed rare “attack immediately after closing character screen if previously attack was clicked”.