Legends of Amberland version 0.25

Version 0.25 released

If I was naming the updates, which I don’t, I would call that one something like “The Great Configurator Update”. It introduces difficulty settings and keybindings. Now you can choose from 4 difficulty levels: Easy, Normal, Hard and Insane. Normal difficulty is the one you were playing so far, it’s the most balanced level, it provides an adequate challenge and allow you to enjoy the journey. Easy is for people who are somewhat stressed and want to make it, well, easier, still it’s not very easy, just easier. Hard is meant for hardcore RPG players, with lots of experience and so on (that’s the recommended difficulty if you came from RPG Codex or similar community), still the difficulty on Hard is reasonable. Insane is meant for those who constantly complain the games nowadays are too easy, it’s unreasonably difficult, with penalties to everything and probably unbeatable for most people. One thing to note, I tried to keep the pacing similar in all difficulties, so I abstained from heavy bumping monsters HP and other mechanics that would make the game longer than harder. It’s more like that harder difficulty levels introduce more deadly environment than more resistant one. As for keybindings, not much to say I suppose, you can bind up to 3 keys per action and rebind almost all keys (except very special like Escape).

– [feature] Difficulty levels upon new game start (Easy, Normal, Hard, Insane).
– [feature] Rebindable keys (Options/Controls).

– [design] Additional shop items (including Arcane buffing items).
– [design] Tower of Despair unofficial name was dropped in favour of the official Ivory Tower (it was confusing using both names, now the Tower of Despair appears only in the lore/rumours sections and it’s always accompanied by the official Ivory Tower name).

– [balance] Reduced regular shop prices for items tier 4 & 5.
– [balance] Decreased Arcane requirements and Magic Points cost for high level offensive spells.

– [interface] Disabled hot keys when in Quick Menu mode.

– [fix] Keyboard bug from v0.24.
– [fix] Inconsistent portraits highlights bug (now I understand why so many players were asking “what it means if the portrait has a yellow outline” :D).
– [fix] Other small fixes (extremely rare and harmless which probably no one noticed).