Legends of Amberland version 0.26

Version 0.26 released

This version focuses on finishing & polishing end game elements also it dealt with some things that were confusing to new players. In addition, there is now a “Compatibility” beta branch on Steam which you can use in case of problems with running the game.

By the way, I will be showcasing Legends of Amberland: The Forgotten Crown in a few days during Digital Dragons in Cracow. If by any chance to attend this event, drop by!

– [design] Added proper final dialogue and end game conclusion.
– [design] Mirrors finished.
– [design] Added alternative […] (SPOILER PROTECTION: all I can say is it’s something related to mirrors).
– [design] New side quest for Royal Cook.

– [misc] Added “Compatibility” branch to Steam, which can be used is some very rare cases where the game won’t start. To activate: right click on ‘Legends of Amberland’ and open Properties, the select ‘Betas’ tab and choose “compatibility” branch from the dropdown list. Steam will start downloading it. You can revert this by opting out. Note that this version won’t be updated as often as the main branch so it’s to be used as the last resort.

– [interface] Added “Next Character” button on the party creation screen (it was confusing to some players how to select another character, the old method on clicking the portrait works of course).
– [interface] Attempting to enter locked grate gives a notice “This grate is locked” (it was slightly confusing to new players).
– [interface] Clicking by mouse on lever popups a notice “Enter to interact (move forward) with objects” (operating levers was sometimes confusing to new players).