Legends of Amberland version 0.30

Version 0.30 released

This is a post Digital Dragons version. I collected feedback observing how people play it for the first time. It was quite interesting. To my surprise there were very few things that were confusing to first time players and there was not much. So, this version introduces fleeing from combat. I was considering it for a while but after observing how people play I decided it’s a necessary feature. Also I removed cast spell button and just left spellbook button, that one was confusing and not really useful in practice. One more thing I noticed was people being confused what to do first, so i added more tips to push the player in the direction of the Royal Castle. There is also some rebalancing and traditional improvements and fixes.

– [feature] Fleeing from combat.
– [feature] Keyhole mechanic (keys to open doors). Note that since there are not many gated areas there won’t be many like those in the game.
– [feature] At the game start there is a popup message “Letter from the Royal Wizard” which tells you the initial story and directs you to the Royal Castle.

– [engine] Mute on window focus lost (a small thing that will make some people happy).

– [design] Finished several smaller NPCs.
– [design] Tip on the hut near the starting area how to reach the Royal Castle.
– [design] Northern Keep storyline done.

– [misc] Changed the date to a fictional, lore based one instead of the date since the start of the adventure. I know, that’s a bit confusing to some players, but it’s better immersion wise since it gives you a point of time where the story takes place and connects it better with the rest of the information you find.

– [balance] Added Magic Arrow, a very cheap but weak spell for wizards & sages (so wizards can basically always use soem sort of magic and don’t need to rely on melee combat).
– [balance] Slightly higher starting MP, so some low magic classes (like Battlesmith) can at least use one spell from the very beginning.

– [interface] Left/right arrow keys are rotate instead of move be default.
– [interface] Added rest button on inn page.
– [interface] Small improvements on the main menu screen (size of the title, added buttons with links to Discord, etc).
– [interface] Additional art assets.
– [interface] Removed cast spell button, there is just spellbook button.

– [fix] Escape now properly ends dialogue with an NPC the npc (in some extremely rare cases the NPCs after dialogue action would not trigger properly).
– [fix] Getting sometimes double letters from the Royal Wizard.