Legends of Amberland version 0.40

Version 0.40 released

This version is code complete, which means everything that was planned was coded into the game and what’s left is storyline/content/assets. This is a very nice & happy milestone for me since code is always the most tricky part. So, in this version there were two major things added and several small ones. Added subraces which allows more variation to the race choices. Redesigned combat abilities, especially Ranger and Knight which were getting on my nerves for a while. There is also an important fix.

– [feature] Subraces added. Now upon creation you can select a variant of each race, for example after selecting an elf you choose if it’s a Wood Elf, High Elf, etc. If you use older saves you will have a generic base race without additional perks.
– [feature] Redesigned knight’s combat ability. Now knights have Charge combat ability which is a special attack which targets all monsters (like Whirling weapon with 100% chance of triggering).
– [feature] Redesigned ranger’s combat ability. Ranger’s Detoxicate was both not too useful and non thematic after introducing racial classes like battlesmith which inherit from ranger. So, now rangers have Stun combat ability which is a special attack which makes the target skip the next attack.

– [misc] Added one mechanic/feature but it not listed to avoid spoilers.

– [balance] Massively increased HPs of all dragons.

– [interface] Tooltips for achievements/titles (on Titles & Awards screen).
– [interface] Upon getting an achievement/title it’s always mentioned on the NPC dialogue screen.

– [fix] Newly generated custom party (non quick start) had wrong stats.
– [fix] The Letter from the Royal Wizard was only showing up if you selected quick start option.