Legends of Amberland version 0.90

Version 0.90 released

This version is storyline complete, which means every single map area, location, NPC and quest is done. Some of the things might be unpolished and rough but overall the game is complete starting of this version. What’s left is the finial linguistic check, audio adjustments, manual and minor interface tweaks.

Therefore, I announce the [b]final release of the game on 1 August 2019[/b].

– [design] Finished Elven Village.
– [design] Added a first town inn patron with a tip about Griffin Rider Guild.
– [design] Finished all existing inn patrons.
– [design] At least one patron in each inn (both towns and castles) now.
– [design] Fixed dragon’s cave cell.
– [design] Finished Iron Keep.
– [design] Finished one subarea in the snow zone (previously this are was blocked, now you can enter it).
– [design] Added one NPC in the snow zone and finished all NPCs in that area.
– [design] Added Black Dragon’s lair.
– [design] Finished smaller NPCs (1x Librarian, 1x Duke, 1x Courtier, 1x Royal Mines Supervisor).
– [design] Lord in Oldrock castle now gives you a quest (note that the quest might not work if you started the game before v0.90, anyway, it’s a minor quest).
– [design] Finished Crystal Tower (also a way to access it).
– [design] Finished 3 Towers of Fire.

– [misc] Healer ability renamed from Restoration to Recovery (it was confusing since it was identical to a spell name).
– [misc] Added detailed tooltips to around 50% of quests (the rest will be done in the next version).

– [gfx] Separate images for elven and dwarven huts.