Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.41.1

Version 0.41.1 released

Bugs, bugs, bugs. This version is one big bug fix and series of rebalances. It has also one small feature, Public Works which is a new option on Administration tab for core worlds only.

– [feature] Public Works button on Administration tab for core worlds (improves planet’s maximum development level by +0.1 for a non trivial amount of credits, can be used up to 10 times per planet). Intended for the most important planet only (too expensive to use massively).

– [interface] Additional combat reporting (planet won/lost, space/ground battles in progress). I’m not very happy with that one and it would need further finetuning.
– [interface] Research bonuses tab beautified and expanded.
– [interface] Small improvements in various places.

– [balance] Court Administration points gain and ministries efficiency bonus greatly reduced. Ministry level effect reduced.
– [balance] Stability bonus to Administration points gain reduced.
– [balance] Rescaled houses opinion to ratio relations (now 30 opinion per relation tier).
– [balance] Now planets start with fewer cities already built.
– [balance] Houses income reduced to 1/5 (not that there is much use for this money right now, but it will be useful for future features, plus it makes the personal treasury feel more precious when you see the disproportion between the personal and imperial treasury).
– [balance] Base max squadrons for noble houses now scale with number of planets (to a small degree), makes it more reasonable at huge galaxy setup or during the late game.
– [balance] Cost of investment in Food processors and Mineral refineries greatly increased. Increased number of unlocked investments from 3 to 6 and adjusted several techs so all 12 investments can be unlocked (note this will only partially work with old saves, so you might be unable to unlock them all).

– [fix][balance] Invincible last squadron which could happen in same cases (also now very small forces are annihilated faster to prevent a few units slowing down the invasion of an overwhelming force).
– [fix] Non core worlds had incorrect loyalty due to taking into account non existing fief.
– [fix] Infrastructure bonus from tax/budget reversed.
– [fix] Fiscal income was being added properly but without deducting any expenses (now I know why so many people reported they drown in money).
– [fix] Bureaucracy modifier from courtier’s trait bug .
– [fix] Accuracy and Tractor beam percentages were totally wrong.
– [fix] Other minor fixes.