Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.41

Version 0.41 released

The first update ever, based on the early feedback. One fix, many small improvements to the interface (mostly clarification of things) and one feature (admiral’s who operate in the same sector now can assist each other).

– [feature] Admirals who lack forces for an offensive can request forces from another admiral operating in the same sector (in addition to requesting forces from the Strategic reserve).

– [interface] Added “Waiting for colonization ship” notice on planet screen.
– [interface] Starmap tooltip for megalopolises/house homeworld fiefs icons.
– [interface] Added minister’s ministry name in the court rank tooltip (not ideal place for it, but should do for now).
– [interface] CTRL key displays sector information on the starmap.
– [interface] Sector information added to the planet view (military box area).
– [interface] Readjusted buttons on the planet’s military box area (also added space battle/ground invasion notice there).
– [interface] Other small adjustments.

– [fix] Firing a governor now works.