Stellar Monarch 2 released on early access!

Stellar Monarch 2, a turn-based feudal space empire builder (4X, grand strategy) was released on early access (Steam) today.

It’s a sequel to Stellar Monarch, which was quite a huge hit for standards of a small indie developer like me, so it made the next installment feasible. The premise is the same, a no micromanagement approach to being a ruler leading the Terran race from the heights of the imperial throne and fighting with incompetent corrupted officials, traitors, usurpers, rebels, disloyal admirals and ever-present alien threat. The execution is much different and improved, with new concepts like noble houses, the Great Council, reforms, etc. In addition, many mechanics were altered, removed or redesigned from scratch with the goal to fix the weak parts of the prequel and to flesh out the strong parts.

In short, it’s a fast paced turn-based space empire builder with a feudal twist with no micromanagement, asymmetric mechanics, and focus on you as the emperor.

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