Stellar Monarch 2 enters early access 6th December this year!

It’s almost here, the sequel to Stellar Monarch, the 4X space empire builder, enters early access in 2 just weeks!

It’s a very rough build, far from being complete, balanced or polished, but considering how the previous early accesses went I wanted to go for it develop it further using the feedback and input from the wider pool of players.

What should you expect? Well, if you participated in my previous early access titles, you more or less know, it will be similar with two major changes. Now I will be doing it slower, like 1-2 builds per month, not a build ever two days as sometimes happened with the prequel EA. The second change is I won’t be sweating over save files compatibility during E.A. (there of course will be Beta branch archives for those who wanted to finish their existing game under the old rules) because I concluded if a new build is out you most likely would want to fully experience it which usually require starting a new game anyway for the full experience. Again, it’s kind of optional since you will be always provided with the older build to continue what you started.

It’s hard to tell how long the Early Access will last, maybe 3 month, maybe a year. Depends, mostly on the feedback I gather from you.

Of course the game will be improved after E.A., as usual. And maintained and fixed for years afterwards (again, as usual).

A short recap what changes compared to the first Stellar Monarch.

– Easier to grasp while having more depth (basically one of my priorities was redesign or removal of the most confusing parts and reduction of complexity without reduction of depth).
– Fewer mechanics but more interconnected and more options for the player (now there are fewer mechanics, kind of, still a lot I guess, but there is much more you can do with them).
– Combat system redesigned and recoded from scratch (the same premise but completely different execution, read: much more intuitive).
– The sequel is stylized more on the feudal Europe with great noble houses than celestial empire of China with court factions.

All right, see ya in 2 weeks!

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