Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.78

Version 0.78 released

It was foretold this version would be one big bug fix and rebalance. Well, it turned out to not be that bad after all. A bunch of bugs were reported in the big v0.77 which needed fixing. Some stuff needed to be rebalanced and a few more things were improved. No new features introduced in this version (well, maybe except the Decadence mechanic but it’s more about balancing).

– [misc] All ship hulls now have at least one ability (just because!)

– [balance] Introduced Happiness “From Decadence” -1 per 10 turns (capped at turn 500).
– [balance] Happiness cap on loyalty reduced to +50% (from +100%).
– [balance] Happiness “neutral” threshold introduced. Now everything below 50 happiness is considered bad and gives a penalty, above 50 if good and grants bonus.
– [balance] Happiness grants cities output bonus (positive if above 50 happiness, negative otherwise).
– [balance] Happiness from technologies increased a bit.
– [balance] Happiness from government (court) increased massively (now you can not afford to overlook Charisma of your high rank personnel). Also increased the threshold so it’s easier to get positive happiness bonus from courtiers.
– [balance] Base happiness reduced and now also is affected by difficulty.
– [balance] Happiness from food adjusted so it’s a big penalty when food is negative but provides only a small boost when there is food surplus.
– [balance] Max stored Emperor Focus Points increased to 24 (from 12).

– [interface] Separate reporting for losing/retaking planet control from rebels (to have a better overview which planets were taken by aliens).
– [interface] Ships screen tooltips added. Not all implemented but it looks better.
– [interface] Bigger scroller (all screens).

– [fix] Organize rest of the Emperor option cost being ridiculously low.
– [fix] Modernization not being persistent (deactivated after end turn).
– [fix] Milestone for crushing the rebellion not triggering at the end of the rebellion.
– [fix] Power vacuum event had incorrect display of the house name in third option.

Compatibility note: NO CHANGE, this version works with v0.74+ savefiles (note that each time a savefile compatibility is broken a new Beta branch with the old version is created so you can always finish your game in progress).