Stellar Monarch 2 version 0.77

Version 0.77 released

Very feature heavy release. A lot of new bugs introduced (I can bet) and many unfinished and unpolished features see the light of the day for the first time. Possibly a very messy and untested version (but not necessarily). First, rebellion is there, yes fully functional. Do not let the single “Rebellion” log entry deceive you, if I were to list all the changes it would be 50 or so items long (but since this feature was never available I did not have to list the “changes”). I was working on rebellion, secretly, in the last months, but it was always in production and always disabled. Now it’s the day where it reached enough maturity to be left in the wild (still it will additional design). I also made the long due ship modernizations. Just very bare bone feature, functional but not pretty, enabled it only because I wanted to gather your feedback. The last big item is Grand political events and political agendas fine-tuning. That one is polished and balanced, also possibly quite fun and providing many strategic dilemmas on the political front. Oh yes, I also did what I love to do recently which is removal of unfinished features. New ones were slated for deletion or to be disabled till I figure out how those should work. The usual tiny interface improvements and two small fixes end the list.

To make it clear, this version introduced new features which are potentially very fragile (I already can see how the upcoming v0.78 will be one big bug fix and rebalance) and require a lot of love (read: your feedback) since those definitely need to be improved and rebalanced. So, make sure to post some comments!

Steam topic about rebellion mechanic:
Steam topic about ships modernizations mechanic:

– [feature] Rebellion fully functional! When you reach 100% readiness a rebellion will start. Since it’s an untested (and unbalanced) first iteration of the feature you will have an option to opt out (via audience options) if you wish.
– [feature] Ship modernizations. It a very, very crude and totally unbalanced version of modernizations feature. Included purely so I can gather some feedback. So feel free to take a quick look at those and ignore (but still those fully work if you wish to deal with their extremely unpolished state).
– [feature] Grand political events (audience events) focusing on political agendas. Also added new political agendas, rebalanced those, made a more accessible display of those, etc.

– [remove] House traditions removed. After fleshing out political agendas I realized that’s what I actually wanted to make, so those kind of replaced traditions.
– [remove] House perks removed (those were getting on my nerves for too long, accused of being not fun, slated for deletion). I might go back to this concept later, if I get a reasonably fun idea how thouse should actually work.
– [remove] Edicts tab removed (maybe it will be back once edicts are implemented, no need for it to hang there empty and useless).
– [remove] Fief tab from planet interface removed (since it’s useless right now, might be back later or might be integrated with Administrate screen).
– [remove] Removed planet Administrate tab since it’s accessible from the below portraits button anyway, which left only Overview tab… so I removed it as well since just one tab is totally unneeded. Yay! Extra space for future use, me very happy.

– [balance] Political agendas distribution rebalanced. You start with just one Rival and new ones can appear via Grand Politics events, but you can avoid those, usually at a high cost, if you wish. There are also “Reconciliation”events which let you get rid of undesirable political agendas. In practice, you can either go for very hostile houses with deadly political agendas or to almost or all friendly ones (for a high price) if you wish. Therefore, you can shape the political landscape to a great degree via your choices.

– [content] Event “FED Directorship meeting” (positive, triggered up to 3 times per game), can be used to issue new FED shares.

– [interface] Reform up/down buttons now have small up/down icons.
– [interface] “Find” button replaced with magnifying glass icon button.
– [interface] Beautified planet list, also added “Find” button for convenience if you just want to locate the planet, not open it.
– [interface] Improved slightly minimap button tooltips.
– [interface] Better tooltips on audience noble visit (so you have all the info at your fingertips).

– [fix] Projects which were unlocked by technologies were auto stopping upon end turn.
– [fix] Tiny bug where you could access Administrate section on non core planets and therefore have an option to “illegally” summon a minor governor.

Compatibility note: NO CHANGE, this version works with v0.74+ savefiles (note that each time a savefile compatibility is broken a new Beta branch with the old version is created so you can always finish your game in progress).