Soundtrack DLC for Legends of Amberland II out in February!

Soundtrack for Legends of Amberland II out soon!

Second Amberland is the first game of mine where I commissioned a custom, hand crafted especially for this game, soundtrack. It was composed by Christopher Loza who was tasked with a request of making it feel like in the good old RPGs of the 90s era but without the technical limitations and quality limitations of the era. Yet, it had to be pleasing to people who have not played those old games as well. So, not a trivial set of requirements. I really feel he nailed it. Since I was observing the whole process (and merely providing feedback) I know first hand it was tricky. Various special filter were used to emulate the feel of the old hardware and other musical wizardry I do not comprehend (equalizers, frequencies and other complex words I do not understand). Definitely, it was much harder to make than a regular soundtrack.

So, here it is, released as a separate soundtrack DLC for all the music maniacs or hard die fans of Amberland. It includes both regular mp3 files and optional high quality flac files.

Will be available very soon, in just 2 weeks.

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