Legends of Amberland version 1.29

Version 1.29 released

This version backports from Legends of Amberland II several fixes to various, usually small ones, bugs, as those were discovered in the sequel. Note that some of those bugs might not apply to the first Amberland, still, patched those, just to be sure.

– [misc] Development markers (small triangle) not shown unless those indicate an error (to avoid confusion).
– [misc] Other smaller improvements.

– [fix] Language tooltip can be shown when “How to Play” menu from the main menu screen is called.
– [fix] Mute on focus lost audio settings not saved.
– [fix] Quests scroller incorrect position sometimes.
– [fix] Language selector flickering on main menu.
– [fix] Clicking on close button made select a monster in some circumstances.
– [fix] Incorrect mapped keys when using spells if party character changed position.
– [fix] Quick load NPC dialog not closed.
– [fix] And some other smaller ones.