Legends of Amberland II version 1.14

Version 1.14 released

This version introduced some mild changes to gameplay (like no longer being able to call a griffin while on a ship or boat, one location slightly adjusted and a tiny, unimportant change to Champion class). Those do not change a lot and do not mess up with existing games at all, that’s why I introduced them to regular changes. Next, is the interface improvement which should be especially nice to those who play on Steam Deck or laptops with small screens. Basically, the game will try to display item properties using as big font as possible, also colors were adjusted for better visibility. The last thing is bug fix to respawn monster and some smaller fixes.

One more thing. I know some people are waiting for localization, so I’m happy to announce that the first batch of localization is half done. Actually, this version physically includes some partially translated files to some languages (disabled). So, if you happen to really need them now, drop by Discord, I posted there a file which you can manually upload to your game to enable those half finished translations (and possibly download a more complete localization file). Of course, I recommend to wait till those are included in the regular version, so it’s more like an option for people who can not wait any longer.

– [misc] Griffin can no longer be summoned while on boat/ship (but can still land on those). I got tired of all those support requests “I have lost my ship”, this change should greatly reduce the instance of “forgotten ships”. Note that gameplay wise it changes nothing, since you can always dock the ship and disembark before calling a griffin, also you can always return via griffin to the ship, since the griffin can always land on those.
– [misc] Slightly adjusted lava area to allow landing next to the fountain via griffin.
– [misc] Champions always hit Sorcerers and Warlocks.
– [misc] “Unrestricted Party Creation” option renamed to “Extra New Game options”.

– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Hit/Evade tooltip lists chance to hit table vs example values (it shows with experimental hit/evade formula only, the standard formula can not be trivially represented as simple % chance).
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Offensive spells power +20%, level 1-29 offensive spells power +50%.

– [interface] Improved some tooltips (on Character screen).
– [interface] Item properties colors adjusted to increase visibility (lighter colors overall, Armor color changed to grey).
– [interface] Slightly bigger item properties font size.
– [interface] Dynamic font size for items properties (so the biggest possible that fits is displayed whenever possible).
– [interface] On Steam Deck resolution (1280×800) the item area is automatically made bigger, which allows to fit even bigger font size and therefore the item properties text is even bigger (which is handy when playing on handheld), at the expense on the number of items displayed at once. This is screen resolution based, so while designed specifically for Steam Deck, it will behave the same way on any hardware.
– [interface] On Nintendo Switch resolution (1280×720) the item properties font was made bigger at the expense of stuff being more cramped (which is a good tradeoff in this case). This is screen resolution based, works the same on any hardware.

– [fix] Respawn Monsters Option was incorrectly active only when Experimental Features were enabled (now it works as it should, as a regular optional feature).
– [fix] Inn opening on Deposit items screens in some rare occasions.
– [fix] One small unimportant tooltip (regarding caching) was slightly incorrect.

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