Expansion for Stellar Monarch 2 “Old Dynasties” can be wishlisted!

So, here it is, the first expansion to Stellar Monarch 2 called “Old Dynasties” entered production and can be wishlisted now!

Wishlist “Stellar Monarch 2: Old Dynasties” on GOG

Planned release: somewhere in 2024 (Steam and GOG).

Website: https://www.silverlemurgames.com/stellarmonarch2/expansion1/
Press kit: https://www.silverlemurgames.com/stellarmonarch2/expansion1/presskit/

Old Dynasties expansion focuses on noble houses and internal politics of the Empire by introducing new mechanics and events.


  • Vassals – Minor noble houses that are always vassals of a great house. The great houses compete for the vassal contracts.
  • Traditions – Each great house has a tradition, the tradition bonus is active if the relations with the house are Cordial or better.
  • Renegade houses – Great House can be made Renegade which make them lose all votes in the Council and lose a lot of F.E.D. shares, fiefs, authority and so on. But if too many houses become renegade the people might start losing faith in the whole monarchistic system.
  • Star Knights order – An early game guaranteed event which allows you to establish Star Knights, a force loyal to the Empire which can be sent on various missions.
  • Duels between nobles – Offended nobles can decide to solve their disagreement via a duel. Such duel can be made with the approval of the Emperor or organized illegally.
  • Dissident organizations – Those organizations can activate via events and then increase rebel points generation depending on their power and radicalism level.
  • New events – Brand new random events (in addition to Star Knights, Duels and Dissident organizations events) divided into early, mid and late game.
  • Other smaller things – Some new projects, perks and other smaller additions.