Legends of Amberland II version 1.15

Version 1.15 released

This version finally makes a permanent solution for “Auto recast Party Bonuses at midnight”, now those are controlled by drawing runes (a new spell type all characters which has access to Party Bonus spells got). There are also two new options, one to play extra sound on secrets (in addition to the eye) and an obscure one (which was requested by some people) to totally disable minimap (don’t ask, it was an easy change to implement and some people actually wanted it). There is a bunch of interface improvements and one measly and totally unimportant bug fix. There is a also a very mild rebalance regarding Arcane and Sharpness effect, I decided to put those directly to the regular version since those are very intuitive and do not mess up with your gameplay in progress (I concluded those two changes are what everyone would want to have instantly). Of course there is a bunch of extra rebalances hidden behind Experimental Rebalance option. Have fun!

Of yes, if you play using the experimental features enabled I could use your feedback on those. You know, to evaluate those and decide what to discard and what to eventually move to a regular version (on the promised Big Rebalance version in future).

– [feature] Option to play an extra sound upon secret detection, in addition to the eye marker (it makes finding secrets easier).
– [feature] Option to disable minimap (yup, some people actually requested this).
– [feature] Added “Draw Midnight Rune” & “Erase Midnight Rune” spells to all characters who have access to party bonus spells. This rune, when drawn, will attempt to recast all eligible party bonus spells at midnight (this replaces the experimental “Auto recast all active Party Bonus spells at midnight” option).

– [misc] Removed Sorcery resistance/immunity from all monsters (it had no sense, since a heroic party would never use evil sorcery in the first place).
– [misc] Many gameplay options got reset (because those were redesigned and some were obsoleted). Go to Options/Gameplay and set those again to your liking.

– [balance] Battlesmith’s “Sharpness” changed to “Damage of melee and ranged weapons increased by additional 1/10” (which makes it more into what you intuitively expect, compared to the previous additive +10% Damage bonus).
– [balance] Reduced Arcane cost for Power Heal and Mass Power Heal, especially for mastery 5 (1000 was way too high).

– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Troll Slayers got extra +2x HP multiplier (to a total of 9x HP), making the class the highest HP in the game (to compare: Warrior has 6x HP and Knight 7x HP).
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Archers got +x1 Damage multiplier and +20% Critical Hit Chance (previously +10%) when using bows.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Bards (and Troubadours) got +1x MP multiplier.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Mage Knights got +1x HP multiplier and +1x Arcane multiplier (on par with Wizard) also access to Resist Elements spell.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Lava environmental damage x3, Extremely cold environmental damage x2 (lower grades of frost damage not changed).

– [interface] Main quests are listed using a different color, so that they differ from the other quests. Also “*” marker is added next to the quest name and it explicitly says it’s a main quest in the quest tooltip.
– [interface] More options button on gameplay options. Moved some options to extra options (with recent additions the screen run out of space).
– [interface] Right side menu auto adjusts the font size if needed (useful if you play using a translation to a language with long words).
– [interface] Localization selector shows “Translation partially finished” notice if the translation file is half done.
– [interface] Display saves location on Options/Gameplay (in “More options”).

– [fix] Small inventory display bug (shadow below “Magic bag of carrying” not displayed sometimes).

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