Stellar Monarch 2 version 1.18

Version 1.18 released

This version is a bag of various changes. First, the bankruptcy mechanic was redesigned. Now you don’t get a direct stability drop from negative treasury but it causes a small penalty to administrative points generation and triggers bankruptcy audience events. The end result is similar, the fall of the Empire due to stability drop if treasury is negative for too long, but now you have more options to react to it and you can pretty safely allow to run negative for a few turns. A similar mechanic for private treasury was introduced, but with less severe penalties and events. Next, the Houses minimap mode was removed. This was a think I thought for a long time but I don’t want to drag it any longer. The placement of fiefs is too distracting, sure, it looks cool but it plainly do not work. And I don’t like to keep things that do not work, so removed. Now the exact placement of fiefs is irrelevant. Next, a small rebalance to Centralization was done, the tax efficiency boost might seem like not useful in practice but it’s logical, intuitive and might become more important once I implement some events I planned for future. The last thing is a bunch of smaller changes and traditional fixes.

– [feature] Negative Imperial treasury causes penalty to Administrative pts generation (at least -10 per turn, increases over time).
– [feature] Negative Imperial treasury triggers an event each audience which makes you select one penalty (default being Stability loss). The longer the deficit the higher the penalty.
– [feature] Negative private treasury causes penalty of Authority -10 for the Royal House (lifted after balance is positive).
– [feature] Negative private treasury triggers an event each audience which makes you select one penalty.

– [remove] Removed stability drop from negative money mechanic (replaced with Bankruptcy audience events).
– [remove] Removed Houses minimap mode (it made an incorrect impression that the location of fiefs is very important). Also removed all mentions of Noble Houses Homeworlds from all tooltips.

– [misc] Mechatrons will now run out of supply after around 100 turns after unburrowing (no more reinforcements). There is a proper event announcement about it.
– [misc] Hidden battle markers on starmap when there is no Recon (it was plain confusing).
– [misc] Removed dev “triangle” notice (to avoid confusion).
– [misc] Removed the option to Expand Ministry of Protocol (Ministry of Protocol has no bonus, therefore the option was pointless).

– [balance] Centralization decreases legislation points needed to pass laws to -2% per Centralization point (before -5%).
– [balance] Centralization increases Tax Efficiency by +1% per Centralization point.

– [interface] Improved Corruption tooltip to clarify that all income is affected by Corruption.
– [interface] Houses summary screen lists grudges next to relations.
– [interface] Rebels tooltip improvements: Removed rebel points gained from events (this information is redundant here and just confusing) and cleaned up the tooltip so % modifiers are listed separately.

– [fix] Cities started being constructed before colonization is completed. Same for infrastructure points generation.
– [fix] Main menu help right side section items (left side was correct) “Back” button closing the whole help screen instead of moving one level down.
– [fix] “Unexplored” was off on the planet short info box.
– [fix] Spelling corrections.

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