Legends of Amberland II version 1.16

Version 1.16 released

This version proudly presents localization. For starters German, French and Polish language with more to come later. Next there were adjustments in spells. A new “Improved heal” spell (accompanied with “mass” version) were introduced to act as a solution for the healing gap around level 20. This went straight into regular features (omitting experimental rules) because I concluded it does not upset balance and is really, really needed. Also continuous heal spells type added. Those are pure convenience heal spells which can be used outside of combat only. Another nice feature was redesign of the interface to allow better items comparison when shopping. Technically, no new feature was added, but the small adjustments how the UI behave made comparing items while in shop much easier (now the interface will be smart enough to guess you just want to check items and will try to allow you to do it without exiting shop and will adjust it’s behavior accordingly). I tried it and it works quite nice in my opinion (but if there is still a need for it, we could think of a full blown compare items feature I guess). Some traditional fixes and experimental rebalances entered the scene as well.

And a small announcement some of you waited for a long time. Most likely this is the last version before the big rebalance one (v1.20) where a bunch of rebalances will be introduced all at once (everything in experimental rebalance and many more). As usual in such case, the old branch v1.1x will be preserved as an optional Beta branch in case you wanted to finish your existing game using the old rules. Note the rebalance version will auto convert old saved, so you can switch in the middle.

If you wanted to take part in the Big rebalance version testing, hop in to the Discord where we organize such things. Thanks!

– [feature] Continuous heal spell type introduced. Variable cost spell which can be used outside of combat only. It will heal the target to full heal by spending X MP per Y HP healed.
– [feature] If started with fewer party members than 7 (using “Extra New Game options”), then experience required to level up is reduced by -10% per missing party member. Works retroactively with old saves.

– [misc] Game was localized to German, French, Polish (more to come). Might be incomplete and/or full of mistakes (will be improved later is needed). Also manual was not translated yet (this will be done after Big Rebalance version).
– [misc] All professions with access to “Heal” spell got a new spell “Healing Touch”, which is a continuous heal.
– [misc] Elven Touch spell redone to continuous spell. Note it still has remove poison which makes it distinctive from the regular “Healing Touch” spell.
– [misc] Added Improved Heal and Improved Mass Heal spells (better than Heal, worse than Power Heal).
– [misc] New icon for Heal all party members spell, to distinguish from Heal a single target spell.

– [balance] Replaced most Snow Lizards with more dangerous Ice Lizards in Northumbia (this affects new saves only, you will see no change in your old game in progress).

– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Snow/Ice/Great Ice Lizards got significant level up.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Barbarians got level up (from 15/20 to 20/25).
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Trolls got Fear attack.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Green Beetles level increased.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Mantis level increased and more deadly attack types added.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Shows Critical Hit Chance on the Character/Hit tooltip.

– [interface] Redesigned interface behavior to allow more convenient items comparison while shopping. Now, when entered shop, the interface will enter a special mode in which it will attempt to conveniently show you inventory whenever possible without exiting the shop. For example clicking on character portrait will bring you to inventory by default and when you close inventory (or any other screen you attempted to visit) you will be back to shop. Works with keyboard, mouse and gamepad. This, while not a full fledged “compare items” feature by itself, greatly improves shopping interface and should remove most of the annoyances related to shopping.

– [fix] Not a fix, but added several safeguards to interface modes, so some potential low priority interface bugs should be avoided.
– [fix] Info button did not close the screen when clicked.
– [fix] Was able to illegally enter magical restricted zones using Flee from combat option.
– [fix] Incorrect tooltip for Griffin when on Desert/Lava or Boat/Ship.

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