Stellar Monarch version 1.07

Version 1.07 released

This version focuses on balance, alien armadas introduced (difficulty 5 or higher) which should make late game significantly harder. It also contains several important fixes.

– [feature] Civilized races have a diplomatic stance with the Empire (neutral, hostile, feud) which is based on difference in planets and claims tension and determine which diplomatic options are available and what scale of war they will wage (from occasional border skirmishes to a full scale war).
– [feature] Alien armadas (send by major civilized races that Feud with the Empire), activated in this version for difficulties 5 or higher only (in future lower difficulties will probably get it as well).

– [balance] Increased diplomatic tension from claims significantly (x6).
– [balance] Negative treasury prestige fall is cumulative (-1,-2,-3, etc per turn), no more sitting on negative treasury.

– [interface] Different ship images for different race types.
– [interface] Renamed base anger to tension.

– [fix] Fixed several serious bugs.