Stellar Monarch version 1.06

Version 1.06 released

In this version I wanted to remove every single reported bug, no matter how minor. Also I finished several small interface improvements that were being put off as minor. In short, primarily it’s a version that improves many small quirks and annoyances.
Another adjustment was balance. Several things were changed in order to make early game easier and late game harder.

– [balance] Increased starting planetary infrastructure (industrial facilities).
– [balance] Reduced prestige required for glorious achievements, decreased prestige gain from beating transdimensional aliens.
– [balance] Doubled ship maintenance points from planets, halved ship maintenance points from factories.
– [balance] After turn 100 major races have a recurring chance for an extra strong attack (in the next version they will get more options like that, so expect major races to become stronger in future).

– [interface] Save game sorting by date, also beautified load/save screen.
– [interface] New ships images (auto recoloured according to owner).
– [interface] New image on create new game (cloning).
– [interface] Squadron details screen improved (removed list of individual ships, beautified, etc).

– [misc] Extended context help (fleet/shipyard added ships abilities, etc).

– [fix] Help pages scrolling bug.
– [fix] Occassional blank technology (require a new game).
– [fix] Other small fixes.