Stellar Monarch version 1.05

Version 1.05 released

This version brings you several important fixes (BTW, thanks for all players who report those, it’s a great help!) some interface improvements and the highly requested Hall of Fame feature.

– [feature] Hall of Fame (persistent high score).

– [balance] No court moves allowed during the audience turn (to prevent switching courtiers during the “fire department X” event).

– [interface] New graphics for ships.
– [interface] Added a marker who was appointed last turn to the court (for convenience).
– [interface] Audience mini info on alien ambassador event (shows number of planets and if it’s a minor or a major race).
– [interface] No more research not queued report when a field of science is completed (all researched).

– [fix] Numerous fixes (prestige bug, audience removing department courtiers bug, diplomacy relations bug, interface fixes).