Stellar Monarch version 1.04

Version 1.04 released

The last version this year. Fixes some old bugs and gives you an option to rescale UI (experimental feature) which was requested by people with high resolution monitors who prefer to play on native resolution. Also polish of interface.

– [feature] Experimental feature. Option for UI scaling by 140% (for high resolution monitors). It’s crude and might contain some glitches and it rescale everything (a bit blurry but not too much). To enable first enable experimental features (options) then go to Options/Video and mark rescale UI option (the selection is not saved, you need to mark it each time you run the game; if something fails just run the game again and it will run in a default nonscaled mode).
– [feature] Small changes in audience events (redone some misleading ones).

– [change] Changed edicts that affected rebel points directly (it was too misleading and redundant, instead you should affect planets loyalty and security rating). Now Loyalism edict affects planet’s loyalty and Counter insurgency edict was changed to Palace guard edict which increases imperial guards.

– [interface] Research completed report contains detailed information about the researched technology, next queued technology and a button to directly go to that field of science screen.
– [interface] more information on Chancellor button tooltip (Imperial Guards and Food Testers).

– [fix] Fixed the infamous HIGH DPI bug (now you don’t need to set it manually via compatibility tab).
– [fix] Fixed a bug with races cancelling a truce when it was already cancelled.
– [fix] Many small interface related fixes.