Stellar Monarch version 1.03

Version 1.03 released

Balancing version. The goal was to make early game easier and late game harder. I tried to not go overboard with changes and it’s the first balancing version and there is more to come. So, some changes might be too small, we will test it πŸ™‚

In short, civilized races are more aggressive also they become more aggressive over time and they become desperate if they lose too many planets. Ships cost got halved. Research slowed down.

– [balance] Civilized races attacks redone. Now they have regular and emergency offensive reserves. Emergency reserves are used only when the government of that race decides the situation is grim enough (imperial intelligence will notify you about this).
– [balance] Frequency of civilized races attacks adjusted (more aggressive).
– [balance] Over time civilized races attacks more often (after turn 100 and 300).
– [balance] Halved cost of ships (since overall difficulty was increased this should help you greatly survive the early stage of the game).
– [balance] Slower research, especially at later stages of the game; research points from planet +0.5 per planet, maximum +100 (previously +1.00 and no cap); research points from population +0.25 per 1,000 Terran pops (previously +1.00).

– [interface] Research screen Statistics button which shows bonuses from technologies and other sources (previously an experimental feature).
– [interface] Autonomous fleets Orders screen shows you a notice if you have not selected a border to guard (so the fleet is idle).
– [interface] Industry screen explained better (which industry produces what). Also planetary Administration screen explains those better.

– [fix] Small fixes (orbiting NoName planet replaced with in warp).