Stellar Monarch version 1.11

Version 1.11 released
Many people will like this version, it contains some highly requested features. First, autonomous offensive fleets were polished and moved from experimental to regular features, accompanied with interface improvements to make use of those autonomous fleets more new player friendly. Second is the highly, highly requested shipyard option to see the squadron bonuses of newly requested squadron composition. Also two important balance changes, traditional interface improvements and some fixes.

– [feature] Autonomous fleets polished and moved from experimental to regular features.
– [feature] Analyze Squadron Composition button on shipyard screen which let you see what squadron bonuses would be in battle (highly requested).

– [balance] Adjusted score formula, now it’s affected by how long it took you to win. Win in 400 turns or less score x4, within 500 turns x3, within 600 turns x2. This bonus applies only if you win, so losing early grants no benefit.
– [balance] I was thinking a long time if this is a bug or a feature and I decided that from now on planetary defensive installations should not count into Command Bridge, Communications Array requirements. So, those affect ships only, planetary defences are excluded from the calculations.

– [misc] By default fleet #2 start as autonomous.
– [misc] Adjusted default fleets settings so those can be easily turned to dedicated autonomous fleets with fewer clicks.
– [misc] Adjusted starting required ships per squadron.

– [interface] Removed confusing back buttons on some help pages.
– [interface] Different map marker and a notice if there was a conquest order issued for a non border planet.
– [interface] Option to start with all fleets set as autonomous (just a convenience option, you can change it anytime in game via Fleet/Orders).

– [fix] Ion weapons resistance bug.
– [fix] Interface glitch on intelligence screen.
– [fix] Interface planet screen squadrons button glitch.