Stellar Monarch version 1.12

Version 1.12 released

Post PixelConnect2017 version. It contains mostly feedback from visitors of my booth and my thoughts when observing how they play. In addition there is an experimental feature “patrol squadrons” for autonomous fleets, a more independent and fast reacting force to reacts to enemy invasions, patrol’s drawback is those do not coordinate their efforts.

– [feature] Autonomous fleets algorithm improved, retake planet order is issued when you lose control of the planet orbit without waiting till planet is conquered.

– [feature] Experimental feature (available only if you enable experimental features via options, possible heavy bugs!) autonomous fleets have patrol squadrons. You can select how many of those you have via Fleet/Orders tab, those squadrons will patrol in warp and react to combat on imperial planets. Each patrol squadron acts independently and always reacts to a planetary distress signal disregarding chances of success.

– [interface] Courtier screen, better description that courtier will be fired next turn.
– [interface] Courtier influence renamed to rank influence (to make it more clear that it’s connected to a position not the courtier).
– [interface] Edicts screen improved, buttons are now marked much more clear what is selected and what is active also tooltips unified and improved.
– [interface] Victory screen, victory and defeat conditions moved to top.
– [interface] Removed #X from game mode (some people mistaken it with order of playing those modes).
– [interface] Contracts screen more clear, explanation that those are done via audience.
– [interface] Planet strategic bombardment button aligned and got a better tooltip.
– [interface] Fleet/Orders screen, sector direction buttons realigned (more intuitive which direction is where).
– [interface] Fleet/Orders screen, description improved (offensive and defensive).
– [interface] Fleet/Orders screen, improved tooltips.
– [interface] Audience screen has better marker which audience is already done.
– [interface] Food icon changed.
– [interface] Help buttons centered.