Legends of Amberland II version 1.12

Version 1.12 released

The third after release version contains a bunch of fixes, miscellaneous adjustments and one experimental feature, some of you were eagerly waiting for. Respawn monsters is here, as an option which you can enable at will. Personally, I think such option is not really needed to enjoy the game since the balance (on Normal) basically guarantees there is enough resources to beat the game. Still, I understand why some of you would desire such an option, so here it is. In future versions the feature will be moved to regular optional features, possibly in an altered form. For now you need to descent into the experimental features to enable it.

– [feature] Experimental feature (needs to be enabled via Options): Respawn monsters. When enabled monsters will respawn (once per month) on the overworld map. This setting is ignored on Insane (no infinite source of gold or experience on Insane, nope). This setting can be changed anytime. Note that you need to re-enable all experimental options each time you launch the game.

– [misc] Experimental feature: Midnight auto cast party bonuses timing adjusted. Now those are attempted after the rest (to avoid a situation when the cast is attempted while out of MP). This change results in more reliable auto cast.
– [misc] Experimental features options settings are now saved.
– [misc] All special abilities are now guaranteed to hit.

– [interface] Added Invisibility notice on Evade tooltip (analogous to Displacement notice).
– [interface] When fled from combat it shows the time passed notice.

– [fix] Gamepad button “Y” to call Map Notes not working properly.
– [fix] Fix of armor formula (was not working as described).
– [fix] Fix of Hit/Evade formula (was incorrect in some cases).

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