Legends of Amberland II version 1.13

Version 1.13 released

This version, in addition to the usual fixes and smaller interface improvements, focuses on experimental rebalance. The idea is that for most players there is no change, they play using the old stable rules. But for the more adventurous spirits, there is an option to opt-in to experimental rebalance changes. Which allows to experiment with the rebalance without upsetting most players who just want to play the way it is. The plan is, after all this rebalance is properly tested, to make one big rebalance somewhere in future (v1.20 or v1.30 most likely) in a single big update (with the old rules v1.x being preserved as Steam beta branch). Oh yes, also Respawn Monsters option was moved to regular features, so now you can officially grind as much as you want, if you so desire (it can be enabled/disabled anytime, it works with both old and new saves), well except if you play on Insane since on that difficulty you are not granted the luxury of infinite resources.

– [feature] Experimental Rebalance option (need to be enabled in Options). When enabled it will use an alternative rebalance settings (presumably better than the standard one). This rebalance can change from version to version (so the gameplay can be somewhat chaotic, therefore it’s not recommended for most players) and is aimed to forge out the final rebalance. Around v1.20 I plan to move this experimental balance to regular balance in one big batch (with an alternative build that uses the old balance preserved in Steam beta branch for people who liked the old one better).

– [misc] Respawn monsters option moved to regular features.
– [misc] Development markers (small triangle) not shown unless those indicate an error (to avoid confusion).

– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Monsters got Dexterity attribute (Dexterity value depends on level, also Trolls got it significantly lower), which affect hit and evade.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Dragons got better armor.
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: New hit chance formula (taking Dexterity into account more).
– [experimental] Only if enabled Experimental Rebalance: Whirling item ability chance increased significantly (to 25%).

– [interface] Added list of known trainers locations to each individual skill level tooltip (the skill tooltip was frequently overlooked, now the information is duplicated which makes it much harder to overlook).

– [fix] Notices (like Evil Aura notice) not cleared on load and new game. Also, one tile in DarkWood had no proper aura.
– [fix] Experimental feature “Auto recast party spells at midnight” was not taking into account the level of the caster (which made it possible to cast the spell by inappropriate character in some cases). BTW, I could use some feedback on this feature, I want to move it to regular features at some point.
– [fix] Spelling and other story related cosmetic stuff.

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